A week… maybe two… and a half

The close of another week… with some rain. I’m sitting in my office, just watching the guys play soccer as the rain falls… it’s actually a pretty cool scene. I wish I was out there playing…

^That was a week ago haha Apparently I can’t keep up with a blog to save my life…
Well, to recap, I have thrown a cat out of the dorm several times, seen baby elephants, gone to town, played volleyball in the rain, and overall done normal stuff.

The hardest part of every day is getting one of my students out of bed and on her way to class. Honestly I believe it is one iota shy of impossible to make sure she’s on time for classes, but one can only hope she will eventually make it to breakfast on time. I can wish, hope, pray…

This weekend was my weekend off, which means I got to venture off campus and have some extracurricular fun.  Thanks to the R’s and the Doss’s Me and the three other SMs off had a blast.  We witnessed the beauty of the Ngong Hills; handmade beads painted in beautiful colors; baby elephants that were so adorable; glassware being made; and I walked on a sketchy bridge (obviously my camera was with me the entire time).

When I’m not off scampering the Kenyan countryside like a crazy person, I seem to always be hiding out in the dorm… Not that I mind, I actually enjoy the time I get to spend with these girls, as obnoxious as they can be… I thank God daily that he’s pulled me a long way with my patience. I know I couldn’t keep my head and my temper in check if it weren’t for his guidance and the example of his love. Every day I have to ask again for his assistance but day by day it is getting more and more routine. Thank you God for that… Anywho, I love you all and miss you too 🙂

Laters!!! ~Taylor


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