Microwave Popcorn

So today Deborah and I made popcorn…

Deborah asks if she can use my microwave to make popcorn, I obligingly say sure! And so she comes over with the microwave popcorn… but it’s not in the bag… Another student, Kemmy (who I think was not completely listening when Deborah asked) said that you take the popcorn out of the bag and put it in a container and then microwave it.  I was completely puzzled by this for as most people know when popcorn is popped… it tends to bounce around a lot.  So, we had the dilemma of having popcorn but not having the correct container in which to pop it (because she’d opened the bag), so, brilliant me said, we can either try popping it in a pot on the stove or we could get some tape and tape the bag so it can at least start popping.

We opted for the tape…

Well my idea worked, granted the tape started melting near the end and popcorn got all over the microwave, but it made far less of a mess than it would have.  The microwave was full of popcorn but the buttery goodness stayed inside the bag instead of making a mess.  Thus concluded by far the best popcorn making experience of my life… I had to write it down immediately so I wouldn’t forget it… Also, the popcorn is delicious.


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