Lights, Alarms, and Turned in Phones

This morning… was the morning to end all mornings….

For those of you who don’t know I get up every day at 5:45 am… and being very specifically NOT a morning person, I value all moments of sleep between my eyes closing and my jealous whore of an alarm clock trying to come between me and my bed.  Now being the assistant dean (without a dean) means that if the girls need anything during the night they will call me.  Today… it was 5:24 when my phone rang asking me to turn the lights on. So, being the wonderful person I am… I drag myself out of my mosquito netting wrapped in a blanket to go turn on the lights that should automatically come on. I then slink back to bed in an attempt to spend fifteen minutes in blissful unawareness.

I don’t know how long, or if I even fell back asleep… but my phone rang again asking if the alarm was off because some of the girls wanted to go for a run.  Unfortunately I had no idea because the alarms were not working properly and I was very much aware that there was only one remote in the dorm… Yeah… it wasn’t off. Great morning right?

So I lived, moved along, did normal morning stuff and handed out the turned in phones for the day.  Then out of nowhere one of the girls, Emika appears.  She just walks in, obviously in a hurry, saying phone repeatedly and just walks over to the phone cupboard and grabs hers… (shakes head) sometimes these girls are ridiculous… I’m supposed to hand them their phones (this is to prevent any sort of theft blah blah blah) but every once in a while they just come and pluck them up.  *sigh* these girls believe they cannot live without their phones… what a sad thought.

Well those are my adventures of the day. Has anyone else had a morning start so ridiculously that you’re unsure how the day is going to improve?