11 and counting…

Yesterday Macy and Melissa left *sniffle*

What this means is I now have the whole duplex to myself… it’s quite the strange feeling to have two of us gone.  We’ve been together every day for nearly ten months. I keep expecting to have Melissa walk through the door at home and have  conversations about any and everything on the random. I don’t have anyone to turn the hot water on for me when she goes to bed before I get off… sounds selfish, but I just found it awesome that Melissa never forgot. I think what is the strangest though is thinking about going home… I’m excited, really excited actually, but at the same time, it feels… odd, as though I’m leaving my life.

The only thing I can compare this feeling to is when I left to come here.  When I left home I was vacating my life to go somewhere else and live… now, I’m going back to that life, but both it and I have changed.  I guess you can only understand if you’ve had two different lives in two different places… I’m leaving my new friends to go back to old friends, some who might not even realize I was gone for ten months.  I’m leaving my new home to go back to my old home that has changed in my absence. I’m leaving my new life that I’ve grown into and returning to my old life that I feel does not fit me anymore.  The worst part is, I will be a stranger in my own world.

Alas, I have eleven days before I vacate my life here, instead of sulking and pondering what could go wrong in my head, I shall instead live it up, enjoy my last few days as a dean at Maxwell, and enjoy my last bit of time in the beautiful country of Kenya.

The Case of the iPod

Good evening from Kenya, as anyone who actually follows my blogging has noticed… I am horrendously behind in all items of news… two updates are in the works but today merited special attention.

It is Christmas break here at Maxwell and life has been pretty chill.  Today the SMs (minus Keith and Emily) went on an errand to get Emily and her family bus tickets to Mombasa.  This ticket area is in downtown Nairobi.  Downtown Nairobi is like any other big city, without the traffic laws.  So, knowing that the endless lines of traffic and heat would be close to unbearable without some form of entertainment (at least for me) we take Tanzi’s speakers and my iPod.

So la-di-dah we’re traveling listening to my plethora of Christmas music and singing along as we traipse through the streets, nearly being crushed, definitely being cut off, and just hoping against hope that the traffic will clear.  The sun is shining, the windows are open to catch a smidgen of a breeze, I myself, cannot believe it is Christmas Eve despite our lovely Christmas music.

Then all of a sudden a guy jumps through the window on my right.  Honestly it all happened in a blur, I’m not sure if the “details” I remember about him are even correct. Nevertheless, his aim was the iPod in my hand.  His aim was sure and he grabbed my iPod, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t count on my superior grip (thanks be to good southern handshakes, my younger albeit stronger younger brother, and years of working with horses).  So after what must have been merely milliseconds he released my hand and was gone, leaving my iPod with me, though sadly, breaking the connection on Tanzi’s speakers… Sorry Tanzi.  My one regret, aside from breaking Tanzi’s speakers is that I didn’t punch him… but I believe the shock, and the fact that the iPod was in my right hand (my dominant hand) counteracted that.  I also really wanted to yell out the window something to the extent of “Suck it!” or “Come at me bro!” or a combination of that… but I controlled myself.

So all in all, today was an interesting day…

Anyone else ever had someone (try to) take something from them like that?