Left Side Tail Gating

So I am officially cleared to drive in Kenya! WOOOHOOO! My first driving experience here… in one word… Terrifying. I shall set the scene for you.  It was a Tuesday, we were heading back from our town day.  There was quite a bit of traffic, and here you have to be basically right next to the car in front of you to avoid being cut off.  I was driving on the left side, in an unfamiliar car, in some interesting traffic, oh! and the brakes could have gone out at any time.  On top of all this, it ended up getting dark before we were in Rongai… which means I got to drive in traffic in the dark…. Now at home, driving in the dark isn’t so bad, there are lights and random speed bumps don’t jump out to bounce you off the road… but here in Kenya… let’s just say I never want to drive at night here again.

My second check out drive was much better.  I was more used to the way of the road AND there was less traffic.  I was a happy camper that time.  I’m still a little nervous about driving but heck I think if I weren’t I’d probably kill someone.  Also, this took place 2-3 weeks ago but I had much more interesting and funny things to post so this one was neglected.  Happy Sabbath everyone!