Some things I am thankful for:

I am SO thankful that we have running water, electricity, washing machines, Ola Chips, Giraffes, awesome cars, guarded compound, fresh fruits and veggies, my stipend, and Internet…. oh! and I can’t forget the herd of gazelles (a couple of them just pranced across my office window view). Those are the things I am thankful for here. However, more important than those lovely accommodations are my girls.  Lord knows they can be horribly trying at times but I love every single one of them. Ines, Nimu, and Lisa (my RAs) have been the greatest! For me, knowing absolutely nothing about deaning, I heavily relied on them to tell me what was normal, expected, required, etc.  They’re the best, I couldn’t ask for better RAs. Charmaine welcomed me with a note on the first notes night (which is a time they can write notes to each other and to the guys) and it brought a smile to my face. Shaina is one that I can joke with and know that she will throw it right back, she’s quite a kindred spirit to me. There are so many others (54 in count) if I were to talk about them all here it would take up a lot of pages.  However there is one thing that makes me super proud of them.  We have one girl here who has a few issues and is on medication. These girls are all so compassionate, they are a huge blessing to me because they help her.  They pull her to class, make sure she showers, eat with her, and are just so kind to her every day.  I hope that by the end of this year I will have many stories to tell about my girls, and hopefully we get a Girls’ dean soon… I might have the girls’ respect but I can’t be a mother away from home for them. Haha no, I’m definitely more like their big sister.

Other than that, the weather is lovely, nice and cool for now; there is nearly always a breeze here, which is why we don’t have AC. Hopefully the weather holds for the weekend because it’s a long weekend starting tomorrow at noon and I’m going camping! Not alone of course, the Doss’ the R’s and Jacqui, Katie, Macy will all be there too. Yay for weekends off! I shall hopefully be filling you guys in… let’s hope I see some carnivores hahaha

Peace out!