Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
But tears keep leaking from my eyes
Just like the little child who hides
Those nightmares that I feared before
Always lurked behind a door
But now I’m grown enough to see
The monsters lie inside of me

There’s no escape, no way to run
Just let the monsters have their fun
Soon they’ll leave, the sun will shine
And then pretend that all is fine
But soon enough, back they’ll be
Never even warning me
So here I lie, curled in a ball
And hope they fade back in the wall

But free from them I’ll never be
For they are inside of me
Within the creases of my brain
The monsters come, and with them pain
I wish that I could end this curse
But wishing only makes it worse
So don’t be mad or sad for me
Help fight the monsters I can’t see


Look at me
Why can’t you see?
The teardrops are falling
And my crys are calling
I see you
But you look right through me
Am I even here?
Is my body clear?
Is it possible I disappeared?
But no, here I sit
Solid as you
So how is it true
That one can be tangible
But invisible too

Hijacked by Police Officers

Just another Tuesday town day, no big deal.  Katie’s computer died so we were headed to downtown Nairobi to find a specific mac store that could hopefully tell her what was wrong with it… and we had no idea where we were going.  Thankfully we found it and attempted to return home. Unfortunately for us we encountered some lovely traffic

Now, for those of you who don’t live in a city or have never been to Nairobi… let me just inform you that any kind of traffic here is ridiculous. I believe there are maybe three traffic lights in all of Nairobi… that’s a big maybe.  There are traffic laws but here if you get to the spot first, it is yours.  So we actually thought we were going to meet our deaths multiple times.

While we were in said crazy traffic, two police officers motioned at us to stop… Tanzi did because we didn’t even think about it.  The woman told Keith to get out of the front seat and the man got in the back with Katie and Macy.  Now, we were completely confused because as far as we knew, we hadn’t done anything wrong, all we knew was that we were lost and trying to find our way home.

So Melissa and I are trying to find where we are on this retarded map, Katie is dying of laughter because it’s how she copes with stress, Macy is NOT helping by whispering “serious face” to her, and Tanzi is convinced that she is going to jail. The reason the police officers stopped us was because one of our stickers was expired, it was for November and we had just entered December (4 December 2012 to be exact). So Katie is calling Derek, and laughing, Macy takes the phone, then the male police officer takes it from Macy to talk to Derek.  It was all a crazy convoluted mess. I suggested to Melissa and Keith that we should just figure out where we were and take them back to Maxwell. This was my grand scheme for two reasons.  One, they were in our car and we were moving.  Two, they didn’t have any guns. and Three, they were looking to get some wazungu to bribe them.

So after this whole convoluted mess they either realized that we were pathetic or that we weren’t going to bribe them, so they gave us directions and we drove home. At that point Tanzi was shaken up so badly that we had to listen to Christian songs to soothe her raw nerves the whole way home.  Once we got home, I promptly put on Facebook that I had been arrested… if you can’t tell, I love a bit of travesty every now and again.

So that’s the story.