And so it Begins

Habari ya jioni! Good Evening! Thank the Lord it is almost Sabbath! For general information purposes, I have a very hectic and long schedule. My normal day begins at 5 am, when I come into the dorm, and ends at 8 pm when Mrs. V (the principal and current dean) takes over for the night shift. The only time this changes is on Wednesday, when I go from 5 am-11:30 or midnight, and then do my regular shift on Thursday… pretty crazy, I was definitely in zombie mode.  Other than the long hours and the continual confusion, I love my job. I love the girls here. As anywhere, there is a huge variety, some are ridiculous wimps, some scream a lot, others are very studious, and all of them have many talents.

This week contained plenty of fun, from pulling a drowned gecko out of the bath tub drain where it had gotten its head stuck, to almost being hit by a matatu driver. I’ve been printing and compiling records, forms and schedules like… an office secretary on excessive caffeinated beverages, but without the luxury of caffeine. It’s still nice and cool here, I’d actually like to build a fire in the fireplace for funsies.  Thankfully today is Friday and the girls are getting this dorm cleaned up (there have been boxes down from the attic all week that were really getting in the way).

The only thing I don’t like is being continually separated from the other staff, I’m often in the office alone working on something or, like now, writing. I also have one student, whom I love profusely, but it will be very hard to have patience with her. Every day I pray for extended patience to help her.

Now a few hours later, I again come back to the reason I’m here.  Tonight after vespers, we had one of the best afterglows I have ever experienced.  We sang and read some bible verses and then refreshments. However, as the students were getting refreshments, our group of SMs, joined by Richard (the boys’ dean) began singing in a small circle. At first no one else really sang with us, but soon we had expanded our circle to include nearly the whole area that afterglow had been held in.  We just kept singing until thirty minutes before lights out for the students.  It was truly beautiful for all of us to be there praising God on this Sabbath evening.

Fare Thee Well