Less than 5

Holy cow batman… I have less than five days to spend here at Maxwell.  After ten months away from home, family, and friends, on would think I’d be excited to go home.  Truthfully, I’m very excited, I’ll be glad to see everyone again, but then I think about what I’m losing.  I am leaving behind a new life that I’ve established and adjusted to. I’m leaving new friends and family.  I’m leaving my new home in Kenya.  I’m leaving it all to go back to a life that doesn’t seem to fit me anymore.  Maybe (probably) once I get home I’ll readjust and things will be the same again.  Still, I can’t shake the thought that my life can never be the same again.  So here and now, I’ve decided to make a list of what I will miss here in Kenya… an abridged version.

-The People. Not only my fellow SMs, full time staff, or students, but the people of Kenya who are awesome.
-Maxwell. Even though I won’t miss a lot of the rules, I’ll miss looking out my  window at acacia trees swaying in the wind and gazelles grazing on the grounds
– Deaning. I cannot convey to anyone who has not been a dean how fun and rewarding it is… granted it is also a trial and frustration, but the good always outweighs the bad.
-The weather. The coldest it’s been here has been about 50… granted on those days I thought I would die of cold. Oye, I’ll soon learn what REAL cold is again
-The diversity.  There are students from so many places here, Rwanda, South Africa, Ethiopia, Phillipines, Malawi, Ghana, DRC, Zambia, Mozambique, US, and Canada (to name a few). With all of these places come different languages and customs. I have enjoyed learning what I have about every place I can.  I will miss my students most of all I think
-The wildlife. At home to see a giraffe or a lion you have to go to a zoo… after my 10 months here, I don’t think I ever want to see a zoo again… you can’t get close enough to make it worthwhile.
-Kenya. From Mt. Kenya to Mombasa, Kenya is beautiful and provides plenty of variety.  Anyone who stereotypically thinks the whole continent of Africa is hot and arid… they are sorely mistaken.

Kenya will always hold a special place in my heart… I will never forget this place and what it has taught me.  Nor will I forget the people I have met and come to love with all my heart. I will miss this place, and one day I will come back.

11 and counting…

Yesterday Macy and Melissa left *sniffle*

What this means is I now have the whole duplex to myself… it’s quite the strange feeling to have two of us gone.  We’ve been together every day for nearly ten months. I keep expecting to have Melissa walk through the door at home and have  conversations about any and everything on the random. I don’t have anyone to turn the hot water on for me when she goes to bed before I get off… sounds selfish, but I just found it awesome that Melissa never forgot. I think what is the strangest though is thinking about going home… I’m excited, really excited actually, but at the same time, it feels… odd, as though I’m leaving my life.

The only thing I can compare this feeling to is when I left to come here.  When I left home I was vacating my life to go somewhere else and live… now, I’m going back to that life, but both it and I have changed.  I guess you can only understand if you’ve had two different lives in two different places… I’m leaving my new friends to go back to old friends, some who might not even realize I was gone for ten months.  I’m leaving my new home to go back to my old home that has changed in my absence. I’m leaving my new life that I’ve grown into and returning to my old life that I feel does not fit me anymore.  The worst part is, I will be a stranger in my own world.

Alas, I have eleven days before I vacate my life here, instead of sulking and pondering what could go wrong in my head, I shall instead live it up, enjoy my last few days as a dean at Maxwell, and enjoy my last bit of time in the beautiful country of Kenya.